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WordPress web development solutions by WDH– our WordPress developers, develop self hosted WordPress sites, WP themes, plugins. The details about our WordPess web develpment services listed below. Even if your exact WordPress website development requirement is not listed, but that can be still developed. Also any kind of WordPress customization contact us.

Web development service in WordPress

If you are planning to build a Admin section controlled website, then WordPress could be a good option to build your website in WordPress & our WP developers can help you a lot in this matter to deliver you a complete website powered by WordPress.

The first thing you should think about why should I use WP instead of plain HTML5 or PHP MySQL. There are lots of advantages of using WP instead of using normal PHP HTML coding.

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WordPress over plain PHP MySQL – Pros & Cons


  1. Easy to Use
  2. Can be extended Using Themes and Plugins
  3. Admin controlled & easy to manage
  4. Search Engine Friendly
  5. Lots of modules are prebuilt, which will take lots of time to develop again.
  6. Excellent structured with good architecture.
  7. Modular structure.


  1. Small change required technical knowledge
  2. You should have good grasp on how WP works.
  3. To build smaller websites it is highly redundant.
  4. Slower than normal small PHP scripts.

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WordPress theme development Service

Theme is the frontface of your WordPress website. Theme takes the data from the database and show the data in a user friendly and good looking format. When you look at a WP website , what you see that is the theme, consists of lots of PHP and script and stylesheet files. There are plenty of themes available for WP online and lots of themes are free. But what we can do is we can also customize your existing themes according to your need.

The themes may have different layout. Themses can be static or responsive, the themes may use one column layout.We develop WordPress themes from scratch. We can design wordpress themes from Photoshop PSD files, or simple HTML5 templates if you have any such templates. If not we can design themes from scratch.

If you already have a website template and you want to convert your existing website into a WordPress website Web Designers House can help you to do this in a very cheap rate.

The additional files normally developed when we design a new WP theme-

  • PHP files – the template files
  • Localization files
  • CSS stylesheet
  • Graphics / Images
  • JavaScript files
  • Text files – license info, readme.txt & changelog file

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Changing header & footer & Layout

If you are struggling with the layout of your WP website or things are getting scrumbled then we can fix these parts for you in the following matters & the cost starts just $99 USD.

  • Changing header image
  • Add remove sidebar
  • Changing the footer of your WP site.
  • Changing the header of your WP website.
  • Changing the background, text color, font, using Google font of your WP site
  • …. many other topics.

PSD to WP theme conversion service (manually)

Most of the web developers develop websites using the PSD template in Photoshop. The web designers show a mock PSD to the customers before building the whole WordPress website. So PSD layouts in Photoshop are highly used by the designers of websites. And if you already have a PSD template and you want to build a WP website using this PSD feel free to contact us for PSD to WordPress conversion service. Just provide us the Photoshop PSD file and get your wordpress theme completely developed.

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WP child theme development service

In the above we have described about our WordPress theme development service. Also our WordPress child theme developers works on child theme development based on any exiting theme, where the child theme is basically a modification in look and feel of an existing theme. E.g this page has been developed using WP twentysixteen theme in 2016 March.We are using a child theme just to change the look and feel but keeping the whole theme functionality intact.

A parent theme is a complete theme which includes most of the important WP template files. A child theme inherits all the properties and look of parent theme and all of its functions, but can be used to make alteration to any part(s) of the parent and helps customization in a great way from the parent theme’s files.

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WordPress Plugins Development Service

Our WordPress developers design and develop various types of WP plugins, which conforms to latest WP versions. WebDesignersHouse develops secured and high quality WP plugins, which are designed in a customized way to meet your development needs. We design various kind of WordPress plugins. Also WordPress plugin development from scratch we customize existing WP plugins according to your needs.

We frequently develop the following types of WP plugins

  • Installing banners as headers
  • Installing image gallery
  • Installing div slideshow
  • Image cropping and uploading
  • Video streaming uploading
  • Ecommerce module integration.
  • Ecommerce module plugin.

The time frame required for plugin development : 7 days + (depends on complexity)

There are lots of free WP plugins available in websites. But may be you need something customized. So we the WordPress developers at WebDesignersHouse build customized WordPress plugins according to your needs.

So what are WP plugins?

When you want to add some feature in your WordPress powered website you need to use some plugins. Good developers normally do not touch the WordPress core files to add functionality. So never touch the WordPress core.

WordPress plugins can be as simple as a ‘contact form’ or ‘feedback form’, or can be as complex as ecommerce module, or as complicated as you need them to be, depending on what you want.

In the WordPress plugins development phase the activation deactivation hooks, scripts, data validation are extensively used.

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WordPress site migration service

If you need to change your existing WordPress hosting and plan to host it somewhere else, then you can hire our WordPress migration service. We provide a very cheap rated WP migration service and the starts just $99 USD. You can change your domain name, may change your hosting provider, you may change your server from Windows to Linux or something more. We provide complete WP website migration service to another host or within a same host.

If you need to change your existing domain name and requires new domain name for your existing wordpress site then also we can help you.

WordPress hosting support to set up new site

Have a hosting already? Struggling to setup your wordpress website with hosting configuration problems? You can hire our service by just paying $50 USD.

If you require a new wordpress hosting to host your existing wordpress website we can help you in this matter. Just contact WDH.

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