Why SEO is important & what seo is

In a nutshell seo or search engine optimisation is a process to make your website search engine friendly so that the information in your website can be retrieved by the search engines easily, and seo is a process to make them (Google bing Yahoo!) consider your website as an important site on some niche, so when somebody make a search on that niche in the search engines, they will show your site in search results. Here seo is in the same way important for desktop, mobile devices.

Why search engine optimization matters for a website?

Here I have mentioned few basic reasons to start seo for your website. You may be the owner of any article blog, business site, service provider, ecommerce business tycoon or a music band site. But for any of all these types of sites seo is important in the same way for all kind of websites to bring leads. Some points mentioned below-

1) Improve visibility : show your work, blog or website to lots of people around the world just by getting top ranking in search engines.

2) Generate leads: this is the main objective of seo to get more visitors or more customers to your website by search engine ranking.

3) Increase revenue: get more business or customers by getting search engine ranking in Google bing and other search engines.

4) Reach your target customer: if the customer does not get the information about your website or your product or your services, then how to sell all these to the target customers from your website?

5) Get targeted visitors : the search engines do a beautiful job by providing the customers who are interested in your products and services. If the search engines cannot find your website then how shall you get the customers.

How does the search engines gather information about a website : the search engines crawls a website called indexing a site. They pick up every information from a site after visiting it.

Search engines follow specific types of information retrieval procedures called search engine algorithms by which Google bing Yahoo! and other SEs (search engines) gather information about website.

So you must put the information in your website in such a way, which conforms to the searching algorithms & this is the main point to get a good ranking in Google bing Yahoo.


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