Unique Article Submission Package

Submit separate SEO friendly articles avoiding Google duplicate content penalty.

RiG SEO service brings a special article submission service for your Internet marketing campaign. We are describing here how it is different from our normal article submission or article distribution service.

At a glance :

  • Our article submitters will keep every article unique.
  • Unique textual content in every article.
  • At least one hyperlink/URL/Link text in every article.
  • No duplicate content penalty because all articles should have separate content.
  • Each & every article will be different to the search engines.
  • Every sentence or every paragraph of each articles will be different from one another.
  • Each Article is qualitatively eligible to appear in search engine results pages.

How it is different from Normal Article Submission / Distribution service :

In normal article distribution service article marketers post the same article to lots of article directories. So in all the article directories same article is posted with same content. So Google Yahoo can trace that duplicate content exists in all the article directories. So eventually Google Yahoo takes into account only one article from the whole article list you have submitted and treats all the other articles as the copy of that article.

Buy our “Unique Article Writing Submission Distribution Service” and you will get different articles in each of article directory. So NO GOOGLE Penalty for your articles.