Facebook page seo optimization guide

A video tutorial & “how to” or DIY tutorial article on facebook page seo optimization. Here I have provided som seo tips to optimize your Facebook page or Facebook Fan page. In this tutorial article I didnot mention “how to create a facebook fan page from scratch”, because that is another tutorial. I have assumed you have a Facebook fan page, you have created it already & this is only a how to seo guide.

In the following list I have stated how to seo a Facebook FAN page. Firstly, I want to tell you some basics of a facebook fan page.

About the name of your Facebook fan page, Username, and URL : You should name the page with your BRAND and you can use very few keywords. The name should be concise. It should clearly mention yoru business name or brand name. In the URL you should use the Facbook username. This is our facebook page on social media optimization, just check the URL we have used , here rigsmo is the username of this page.

If you don’t know how to set your username in Facebook page then visit this Facebook help on username. So the bottom line is look at the username of the FACEBOOK page.

If you compare your Facbook page with traditional webpage , then in a webpage , exists a TITLE tag, Title tag is most important for seo is similar to the Facebook page name.

About section in Facebook Fan Page : is similar to META description of a webpage, and will be shown in Google search results. You should use short description on your business or service in this part of Facebook page.

Compare Normal Webpage and Facebook page
Facebook page Normal webpage
Page Title/ Name TITLE tag
About Section META Description
Taken from status updates, only initial words are taken Keywords
Body Text Description
Title or URLs in status updates Anchor Text
URLs in Posts Links

There is a long description part of a Facebook page and you should write as you wish. But keep in mind only initial words will matter most also here. You can think this as page body.

Backlinks to your facebook fan page – Just you link to your normal webpage from other websites, blogs etc, do the same for your facebook page. Link the Facebook page by keeping the relevancy. Link to your Facebook page from Youtube channels, blogs etc.

A video tutorial on Facebook page SEO