Our seo service on pest control website of Orlando

Florida pest lawn is a pest control service provider company in Orlando. They have contacted us in Feb 2011 to get Google 1st page ranking on the keywords like PEST CONTROL ORLANDO & few other related keywords. We have started to work on Florida Pest & Lawn website in March 2011 and they got the following rank after 7 days.

They have achieved top 10 ranks in google.com on more than 5 keywords within 2 month. And their ranks stayed for more than 1 year even after they have stopped seo. So as we suggest just follow the website optimization service for some time and get ranks for years.

In 10 days they got top #15 rank in Google and Yahoo #18 rank

This website is just an example of our search engine ranking service for local businesses, how we provide city and state based seo service, specially in Google local & Yahoo local. It is not mandatory to hire our seo service for long time, but just few months seo can place you in google top positions and free ranking.