Germany Client got #1 ranking in 2011-2012

The following description shows how we have provided top Google ranks in on a competitive keyword like PASSWORD MANAGER in the year 2011-2012. This is a sample of our search engine optimization service portfolio, click here for more.

We have provided Google Germany #1 ranking (in on the keywords Password Manager, Online Password Manager,free online password manager to one of our German client (Name Tara Kelly). The name of the website is PASSPACK(DOT)COM & the logo has been shown below. Ms Tara Kelly contacted us in 2011 to get and 1st page search engine ranking.

We have done just few months website optimization and they got the following ranks. Still holding the ranks in Google first page after 2 years. Just Google ranks has been shown here. You can check yourself bing and Yahoo! ranks.

How to check the ranks ?
Click on each picture to view it full screen and also click on the picture to close the picture.

** For business security reason only the ranks of the past clients has been displayed.