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Check the top search engine rankings we have provided to our past clients

For business security reasons only few years old clients ranking reports shown below.

( SEO completion date : 23-Oct-2009 )
( SEO completion date : 20-Sep-2009 )
( SEO completed in 2010)
( SEO completed in 2010 )
( SEO completed in 2010 )
( SEO completion date : 2009 )
( SEO completion date : 2010)
( SEO completed in 2010 )
( SEO completed in 2009)
( SEO completed in 2009 )
( SEO completed in 2008)

Caution : Google top 10 ranking is not a fixed thing. Google YAHOO bing ranking , varies time to time. Here we have produced all Google top ranks we obtained in different times. If you stop SEO for your site for a long period ( few months) then its very natural that you may loose search engine ranking.

( Rank may shift from 1st page ranking to 2nd or more downwards from top 10 ranks, with respect to time – SEO ranking is not a constant )

This is an Example of Global search engine ranking service, this client got ranks in many country’s Google Yahoo first page ranks. View the ranks of one of our Chinese SEO client. We have done just 4 months SEO and they got the following ranks. Our Chinese client got #1, #2 and many other ranks in Google first page as well as Yahoo bing top 10 positions in non paid FREE Search Engine Results pages on the keywords related to motorcycle. Please visit the ranking pictures to see the results.

Check the ranks of one of our Australian client. They have targeted the keywords in Australia because their business is located in Australia. Click here to check the ranks.
The following is an example of Local search engine ranking for a particular country. So before starting seo you have to decide what is your target zone.

The Active Child  search engine ranking in Google shown below-

Check the ranks of our Search Engine Optimization Client of Texas, USA. They had targeted many keywords related to CPR training, certifications etc.

Website : My Classified (MCA) search engine ranking in Google has been shown below-