Google Penguin algorithm free download PDF guide

Google Penguin 3.0 Recovery guide, free download PDF with the recovery tips for Google Penguin update. If you want to hire RiGSEO service for Google Penguin Recovery.

This is a PDF presentation describing the latest Penguin 2.0 release and the targets of this web spam filter. Also this free tutorial describes in short the Panda algorithm targets in 1 page of this 14 page PDF file. Tips. This Penguin update released on 22nd May 2013

Here you will get a PDF file describing the recovery tips for Google Penguin 2.0 update released on 22-May-2013. This PDF file can be freely downloaded.

Google Penguin 2.0 recovery - 22nd May 2013
Download FREE PDF guide on Google Penguin 2.0 recovery

Some references on Google Penguin 2.0 released May 2013

  • Know more about Google Penguin what Google Webspam team head Matt Cutts says on May 22, 2013
  • Read the previous article on Google Penguin.

View the Youtube video on this topic here : with voice over

Here is the voice over text of the above video :

1) Hi, I am Bikram, Technical Advisor of Rig SEO Service, I am here to provide you few tips on Google Penguin 2.0 update released on 22nd May 2013, this month. This is a major algorithm update by Google & in the last year April 2012 the Penguin 1.0 was introduced by Google publicly. After viewing this whole video you will get some idea on Google Penguin 2.0.

2) Before diving for Google Penguin, know something on Google Panda filter first. Google Panda is a filter used on websites in internet to find out the duplicate content, thin content and spun content.

Duplicate content means if two or more pages have same textual content in same website, or different websites or even different sites or domains hosted on different servers. Here same textual content is not self explanatory. You may think two lines of two sites can be same, but Google isnot much bothered about that. But if large chunk of text matches then this becomes an issue.

Thin content : If you have many webpages having very little textual content then those pages will be picked up by Google Panda filter and you can loose ranks for it in Google.

Spun content: This is related to content spinning and many times implemented by many websites. What they do- they change few words phrases in one webpage and use synonyms to make new pages, but if you look at the theme both pages are same. Mainly it is used by article sites. Spun content may be used across domains.

3) So what Google Penguin does ? Google penguin 2.0 is a totally separate algorithm and not directly related to Google Panda. They mainly checks the backlinks of a site or domain and looks after the whole link profile of that site.

It checks the anchor text of backlinks: If you use the same anchor text in lots of backlinks it will be traced easily by Google Penguin. Say if you use “Pizza Hut” in all the links thats a bad thing. Don’t over use it. Just use it in 20% or 30% backlinks, in the rest use “Click here”, “Visit our website”, this type of natural links.

To survive Google Penguin you have to get links naturally, or seems natural. You have to get links from related blogs, forums, video sites, wikipedia, social sites etc. You also should get links from social bookmarks, facebook, Google+ pages.

4) Google Penguin 2.0 mainly targeted the advertorial sites.
5) Google penguin heavily targeted the link selling websites.
6) Now if you want to survive in Google top ranking you have to earn some kind of recognition. You should place your site to Google as a reputed website on your niche.

To earn recognition you need to spend hours by blogging, attending the discussion forums, replying to the queries etc. You should participate in the social sites, spread your words virally.
7) Go social: make posting in social media sites like FB, Twitter, G+ and also post your page URLs, infographics, Photos, banners on your business.
8) Implement content marketing : you have to build some good content in your websites and have to do some guest blogging, participating in discussion forums, blogs, social sites, have to make videos and lots of other jobs. Now content marketing is the most important thing.
9) Also get backlinks from related websites on your niche, related forums, blogs, video sites, wikis etc.
10) Donot target the money keywords, the major high competitive keywords which is highly searched in Google, but in reality they are very tough to get ranks.
11) Better target long tail keywords, keywords having 4/5 words in them.
12) Constantly carry on keyword research, choose good contemporary keywords and go for low competitive keywords.
13) In the backlinks use your brand name in some links in addition to the keywords.