How social media can helps in seo link building

How social media optimization helps in seo ?

Apparently it may seem to you that these are totally separate two fields of marketing, but in reality they have linkage among them. I am showing you here how social links can help you in seo, irrespective of dofollow or nofollow.

So first question is what is social media links or social links ?

I think all of you have used some kind of social media like facebook, twitter, Google+ etc social platforms. In them you have often shared some existing webpage by just copy pasting the URL (address) of that page into the text box of Facebook, Google+ to make a fresh new post and you saw the short form of that webpage appears in your facebook or Google+ timeline or wall whatever you say.

Another form of social links we have seen in Twitter. That is inside a tweet you can post a long URL and that becomes shortened automatically, because twitter has some kind of URL shortener service in it intrinsically.

So firt thing first, you need a good webpage to promote in your niche by social media. So this webpage / URL to be promoted in FB, Twitter, Google+. I shall recommend you to add social buttons in your webpage firstly, I hope you have already seen these type of buttons in many blogs, even in this article this type of buttons exists. I shall create another technical tutorial on those. So if nobody has liked or shared you page you start it yourself, by your own account.

Post in your facebook account with the link of this page, do one / two tweets in twitter and also add some comment on your URL / webpage. So what happens, your followers, friends, circles (G+) get awared about your content and if they get interested they will visit your website content and if they are interested then they will retweet, share it again in their own circles.

Links are dofollow or nofollow ? Will they work ?

There is a controversy among the dofollow and nofollow links for years started by Google on PageRank (PR) calculation issue. Recently we have seen that Google will degrade you links even they are dofollow from low grade pages. So I personally suggest you not to bother too much about that issue on social platforms, when i have started to use Twitter for first time, I used anchor text in twitter and also then twitter provided dofollow links in all tweets, but now time has changed in 2013.

So what type of links you can get in social platforms?

1. Profile links, when you create account you can type your URL even with anchor text.
2. Promoted page in tweets, posts described above.
3. Links in the RSS feeds.
4. Shortented URLs.
5. Dofollow links, but few social platforms allows this.

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