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Get Google Yahoo bing first page ranking on 5 keywords or more, guaranteed seo service

Complete seo service means you just need to pay your seo cost and you will get our full seo service, e.g – (1) Link building, 2) onpage content checking, 3) onsite link checking, 4) link profile building and many more. For a detailed information about our seo services visit this page & find out different types of seo service.

  • In this package we shall take keyword suggestion from you.
  • Your website will be placed in the 1st page of Google Yahoo bing search results pages on at least 5 keywords.
  • The cost mentioned above is the monthly seo cost $99 USD**.
  • We always recommend to continue seo for at least 6 months. Our every seo project initially starts for 6 months time frame & can be extended later with both sides agreement.
  • You can get top search engine ranking anytime after starting seo on your website. Initially we target to provide 1st page search engine ranks in 6 months, and if not obtained then the website optimization continues free of cost by our consultants.

Pay for 6 Months at a time & SAVE $200 USD.

  • Setup fee waived. Save $99 USD setup fee + 1 months seo cost = $200 USD
  • We start any SEO project for 6 months period initially. This package assumes your keyword cost is $99** USD per month.
  • Just pay $521 USD for 6 months seo optimization work on your website.
  • For more information, just send an email ( or ) or call us (+1)510.404.8055 to know your monthly SEO cost.
  • One time payment.
  • Total cost => $521 USD. Click the following button to make payment by PayPal or CreditCard :

Monthly mode payment scheme:

  • You can get Google first page ranking in 10-15 days, or may takes few months.
  • Initial payment (upfront) : One time setup fee $99** + 2 months SEO cost = $309 USD.
  • After 2 months : you need to pay @ $99** USD per month for 3rd to 6th month to get Google Yahoo bing first page ranks.
  • Click the following PayPal button to pay $309 USD upfront.

Guaranteed SEO package FAQ

Some fact on search engine optimizationsearch engine ranking is free, but getting first page SEO ranking in Google yahoo bing in many cases take time. Though we have provided 1st page Google ranks in 10-15 days, but there is high chance of rank dropping if you stop seo after 1 – 2 months So we recommend to continue seo for 6 months to 1 year minimum. We always start SEO for 6 months time period but if desired result not obtained or client is not satisfied then seo continues free of cost upto 1 year to provide desired ranking.

  • Confused to choose keywords? Visit our keyword selection page to know how much seo is required for your website and selected keywords.
  • The selected keywords or related keywords will be targeted for Google Yahoo bing organic search engine ranking.
  • What service you will get by RiG SEO ? When the selected keywords or related keywords will be searched in major search engines like Google bing then your site will be shown in the free non paid search results.
  • How long it will take to get top 10 positions in Google? The time frame to get Google Yahoo bing first page ranking varies site to site. Our clients got top 10 ranks in Google in 10-15 days, 1 month, 2-4 months, 6-8 months. This time frame depends on keywords, site age, site quality and many other factors. Unless you start SEO it is hard to predict.
  • SEO Reporting : 2 ranking reports every month with picture snapshot of Google Yahoo bing ranks.