Facebook page seo optimization guide

A video tutorial & “how to” or DIY tutorial article on facebook page seo optimization. Here I have provided som seo tips to optimize your Facebook page or Facebook Fan page. In this tutorial article I didnot mention “how to create a facebook fan page from scratch”, because that is another tutorial. I have assumed you have a Facebook fan page, you have created it already & this is only a how to seo guide.

In the following list I have stated how to seo a Facebook FAN page. Firstly, I want to tell you some basics of a facebook fan page.

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Google+ is a strong local SEO ranking factor in 2015

Using Google+ in SEO, specially local rankingDo you know that Google+ can help you to improve your search engine ranking specially in Google local using Google my business.

Though Google officially denies it and says “+1 button had no direct effect on rankings”. But that may be far from the truth.

In 2015 Google+ is a strong local seo ranking signal for your local businesses. Visit this page for more information.

A study conducted by SearchMetrics shows that Google+ shares is a strong ranking factor. Even stronger than backlinks.

Google’s webspam team head Matt Cutts said in a video that “we’re still going to have to study and see how good the signal is, so right now, there’s not really a direct effect where if you have a lot of +1s, you’ll rank higher,” Matt Cutts said. Visit the YouTube video.

On June 27th, 2013 Searchmetrics published a blog post and shown the major factors on Google ranking in 2013.