Google Penguin algorithm free download PDF guide

Google Penguin 3.0 Recovery guide, free download PDF with the recovery tips for Google Penguin update. If you want to hire RiGSEO service for Google Penguin Recovery.

This is a PDF presentation describing the latest Penguin 2.0 release and the targets of this web spam filter. Also this free tutorial describes in short the Panda algorithm targets in 1 page of this 14 page PDF file. Tips. This Penguin update released on 22nd May 2013

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REDIRECTED > Google penguin link building strategy in 2013

The seo has become a mess after Google penguin update and later releases of this algorithm. It is still under improvement and so link building became much more tougher for the search engine experts. Here we have built a video describing the strategy of link building which conforms to Penguin updates and later releases. This is basically a Youtube video. Continue reading “REDIRECTED > Google penguin link building strategy in 2013”

Improve website ranking in Yahoo bing search results

The organic search listings on Yahoo! Search are powered by Bing. Familiarize yourself with the tools Bing Webmaster Center.

The changes required in your site

Don’t forget the basic words of seo i.e ‘content is king’ : The best way to improve your site’s ranking is to add unique content targeted to your audience which must be written for the public not for BOTs. Never write for the search engines, it is human readers who matters to your business, so always keep in mind about your readers, visitors, audience.

* Pick up the right keywords for the webpages, choose the key terms, search phrases that your audience likely to use for searching the content like yours. Use those terms to guide the construction of your website text and pages.

* TITLE is always an important factor & should match search terms. Choose terms for your page titles that match the content of your documents.

* Use META Description tag – write your webpage META Description accurately and carefully. After the TITLE tag, the META Description is the most important for the users. Make sure the document TITLE tag, the META Description attract the eyes of the users as well as match the content on your site and contains the search phrases descently.

* Use Keyword META Tag if possible for each webpage- Use small, concise and distinct lists of keywords that relate to each specific page on the site.

* Keep relevant text and links in HTML. Avoid using graphics or image links or image maps can which can prevent search engines from finding the text or following links to your website’s other pages.

* Add an HTML or XML site map to your website, link it from your home page.

* Use ALT text for graphics. ALT text improves the text content of your page for search purposes. It also makes your pages more accessible to text-only browsers and visually impaired site visitors.

* Correspond with webmasters of related sites and other providers of relevant content to get links to your site from their sites.

* Also read Yahoo!’s Site Guidelines to improve your page ranking.

Website optimization service in Yahoo bing

REDIRECT > Hit by Penguin & Panda :regain lost Google ranking

How to regain your lost ranking in Google top positions, caused by Google Penguin algorithm update in 2012-2013

This page has been updated lastly on 19th April 2013. So you will get link building information for 2013 also from this article.

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REDIRECTED > About Google Panda algorithm update 3.9 on Jul 24, 2012

Google Pushing Out Panda algorithm Update 3.9 on Jul 24, 2012.
The earlier update, 3.8, occurred just about a month ago — on June 25th.

Now the question is, How to identify that you are hit by Google panda and repair your ranking ?

Panda is concerning with bad content, not bad/ Low quality links. To save your website, Focus On Unique fresh good quality content.

As we recognize that Google Panda update blacklisted those websites who creates duplicate content by stealing other’s articles. Now really we must have to focus on creating unique content for every website.

Try to understand that your website visitors are interested on the topic of your website and make sure that, what do you offer to your readers are unique and genuine.

Don’t duplicate or retype out the article from other site, however expertise your article out with your own issue and judgment.

Fixing Panda is not difficult, but it requires a lot of On page seo.

Google introduces pagination tags : rel=“next” and rel=“prev”

Paginated content includes things like an article that spans several URLs/pages, or an e-commerce product category that spans multiple pages. With rel=”next” and rel=”prev” markup, you can provide a strong hint to Google that you would like us to treat these pages as a logical sequence, thus consolidating their linking properties and usually sending searchers to the first page.

Pagination Introduced : Pagination with rel=“next” and rel=“prev”, Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 5:00 AM
Link :

Read updated article :

How to implement Pagination in your website :

Also view the Youtube video on rel=prev and rel=next , Pagination for long blog pages:

The Pagination Slideshow by Google :

REDIRECTED > What is Google Penguin – How to recover from it ?

Most of the website owners screamed after Google Penguin update started in April 2013 like this – I am hit by Google Penguin Update, my site is penalized by Google, I want to regain ranks. How shall I do it? Continue reading “REDIRECTED > What is Google Penguin – How to recover from it ?”