Mobile Search Ranking (SEO)

In May 2015, Google Inc confirmed that “more Google searches taking place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” Then, earlier October 2015, Google noted that mobile searches now exceed desktop searches worldwide. Here I have discussed the how the mobile ranking can bring more hits to your listing & why its is much effective than desktop search results.

Google top ranking in Mobile Search Results
Google top ranking in Mobile Search Results

In April 2015, Google made “mobile-friendliness” a significant ranking factor for mobile search results through its so-called “Mobilegeddon” update.

High-ranking content in mobile phones likely to have a higher number of social shares like Facebook share , Google+ shares or shares in tweeter.

Mobile SEO ranking picture
The image of mobile search results in Google

Websites ranking higher in mobile search results continue to use more synonyms of main keywords & proof terms ( definition of proof terms is the words or terms that are very closely related to the main keyword(s) of the page).

The word count for good mobile search rank for your webpage is on average  above 850 words and this word count should be maintained in your site’s webpage content, to pop up in the top position of mobile search results. This total word count of a webpage to become eligible for top mobile search ranking, increased in 2015.

Why mobile ranking is much effective than desktop search ranking?

This is purely my opinion and you may reject it. If you rank in the top position of mobile device’s search results, then your website or your business listing will be hit (clicked or tapped by user) & this possibility is much higher than desktop search ranked websites, to get a click.

  • Mobile phone screen area is small so small number of results shown.
  • So if you get a top ranking in mobile deices search results, there is high possibility, of being hit.
  • Where in desktop search results your website will be shown in 10+ results. So the user can see all results at a time and so the chance is less.

For which type of businesses seo for mobile devices is essential?

For every website owner & business owner mobile seo is beneficial but for the following its mandatory.

If you have a local business in some city state or locality & if you are struggling for local ranking then you must follow mobile seo guidelines for your website/ Google My Business Listing.

Based on the location of the mobile device, number of reviews of the business, business reputation, vicinity of biz location with respect to the searcher’s  mobile device, “Google business listings” or websites will obtain mobile search top ranks on local search.