20 Keywords SEO Pack $699

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The Guaranteed SEO Pack of 20 Keywords

  • Total no. of keywords under SEO : 20 keywords. All keywords will be given equal importance to achieve Google top 10 ranks or #1 position in Google.
  • How can I get #1 position ? Have to do SEO for quite some time, minimum 1 year. No shortcut way.
  • Our Services : Link building, free advertising, forums, blogs, press releases, article submits, social bookmarking, social networking sites, on page and off page seo, directory submits, keyword analysis, competitor site analysis.
  • Starts $699** USD per month on 20 normal search keywords, To get exact quote on your keyword list please email us via our contact us page or email "contact@rigseo.com".
  • Discount on At a time payment.
  • Guarantee on Google first page ranks :Yes, to know more about the guarantee please visit our guarantee page. To get guaranteed ranks 6 months to 1 year SEO commitment required.
  • Contact us with your keywords list or fill up the following form to get exact quote.
Keyword type monthly SEO
Cost of 20 Kwds
Normal searched kwd $699 USD **
Highly searched kwd $899 USD **


Yearly Payment Scheme- pay at a time, avail Google top 10 guarantee, save $$$
(Yearly payment is taken upfront)

Keyword type Yearly
Cost of 20 Kwds
Normal searched kwd $8,000 USD **
Highly searched kwd $9,000 USD **

** Approx 4% tax to be added during payment