10 Keywords SEO

  • Total no. of keywords under SEO : 10 keywords.
  • All keywords will be given equal importance to achieve Google top 10 ranks or #1 position in Google.
  • Guarantee on Google first page ranks :Yes, any 6 keywords of 10 chosen keywords are guaranteed for Google first page natural or organic ranking. To get Google top 10 guarantee 6 months to 1 year SEO continuation required (Depends on site and selected keywords).
  • How long I need to do SEO ? We always recommend 1 year SEO on large set of keywords.
  • My Site is new, How long I need to do SEO, When can I expect ranks? Search engine optimization is slow process and takes time, continue SEO for at least 6 months to 12 months to get long lasting results. Google Yahoo! bing top 10 ranks may come up in 1-2 months. May take longer.

SEO Cost : One time setup fee + Monthly payment

10 Keywords Pack Monthly Cost : Starts USD $ 399.99*** $ 499 p.m, (Excluding setup fee)

Setup Fee : To start SEO you need to pay $99*** one time setup fee only in the first month.

Yearly Pack ( $3999*** $5000 save $1000, No Setup Fee):

*** Approx 4% Tax extra on any payment.