How to keep visitors longer in your website

How to reduce the bounce rate of your website? Are you suffering by early leaving by the visitors of your website? Then this article may provide you proper information how to reduce bounce rate of your website.

This article has been targeted for webmasters, site owners using Google Analytics and facing high bounce rate in the Google Analytics report, found the fact that visitors are leaving their websites early just after entering the home page, or entrance page & only stayed for few seconds…what to do to retain them longer in your website?

What is Bounce Rate according to Google Analytics

According to Google “Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page)” . For those who dont know what Bounce rate is I am suggesting them to visit this link to know more about the bounce rates.

Why people leave websites just visiting entrance page

A visitor may leave your site just after viewing a single page if they’ve found the information they needed, on that very page. Or they may found your webpage useless and not informative. But in many cases a user may experienced difficulties described below in short.

Which user experience increases bounce rate

  • Early signup forms : Donot ask a visitor to signup with email etc when he just stepped into your site and dont show up annoying popups. There is high possibility for the visitor leaving your website.
  • Build a mobile friendly website , specially at least a responsive one. So that your website is view-able in mobile devices small screens.
  • Call to action issues like purchase button or contact us forms should be in reach of visitor , and you must not force the visitor to search your whole site for it.
  • Avoid too many pagination for the content the user is looking for. Don’t break your content into multiple pages using pagination unnecessarily.

The Google guideline to reduce bounce rate

  • Consider bounce rate based on specific traffic sources.
  • Using the bounce rates based on different dimensions or channels, like medium, campaign, landing page.
  • Evaluate and adjust factorslike site layout and navigation
  • Provide enough time to collect enough data, evaluate the impact the changes on your users and their behaviors.

Try using Content Experiments with the help of Google Analytics

Author: B Choudhury

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