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Google Panda Recovery - rigseo.comKnow about Google Panda algorithm penalty & also learn how to recover from Google Panda update. It was Google’s search ranking filters that  downgrade pages  considered as low quality & also uplifts websites with high quality content in the Google search ranking.

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Since January 2016, it is a part of Google’s core ranking algorithm, which determines a site’s quality. In this article we have described How to recover from Google Panda in 2016, if your website is hit by Panda. A Google Panda recovery guide.

What is Google Panda search filter?

Google algorithm is the core of Google’s search program by which Google ranks webpages or websites. It is a computer system having lots of modules, Google Panda is a part of it. Basically it is a computerized automatic program by which Google catches poor quality websites based on pre-assigned criteria or parameter.

Google Panda Recovery -
How to recover from Google Panda update.

What is the role of Google Panda ?

At present Panda algorithm determines quality of a website, considering the proportion of low quality webpages in the website. It does not check or does not impose duplicate content penalty.

How Panda catches poor quality websites?

It is a Google’s computer program, & nobody knows about the exact details how Google does it, except Google’s very core engineers. But lots of myths & rumors float in the air, about Google Panda’s behavior. Some described in this article how Google Panda catches poor quality sites.

Panda hit site’s pages can still rank well

Misconception – if Panda hits a site, no page will rank in the top.

There is a myth that if a website is hit by Google Panda update, that means the site is of poor quality in the eyes of Google algorithm, the entire site will be affected & no pages will be ranked in Google.

Myth vs Fact :

But if a site does have quality content on a page, those pages can rank even if the site is hit by Panda. For specific search terms, Panda affected website’s high quality webpages may rank well.

The Google Panda algorithm may show web pages in Google top position of a Panda hit site for some specific queries. Normally its found – for broader search  terms, or competitive keywords, that page will not rank well in Google, due to Panda effect.

Google Panda affected websites may rank well in other search engines like bing, Yahoo!. Panda only affects Google ranking.

In 2016 January Google confirmed that, “Panda is an algorithm that’s applied to sites overall and has become one of our core ranking signals”.

Google Panda Recovery Tips

To recover from Google Panda update, you have few options.

  • Remove low quality webpages from your website.
  • Redirect low quality page to some other pages.
  • Fixing low quality webpages in your website.

The best option among the above 4 options is fixing old thin low quality content. Removal & redirection is webmasters job. So I shall mention the fixing issue here.

Fixing low quality pages – Panda Recovery Step

Don’t remove or delete webpages from your website. It  is very tough to maintain high quality for every web page inside a website. But this article can really help you to fix Google Panda issues if you are hit by Google Panda and how to survive with low quality pages inside your website.

The steps: detect the pages with very little content or the pages you think they are useless. So NOINDEX them. A guide on robots meta tags (noindex).

1. The meta information will be ( Noindex, follow ) for the low quality pages. Identify the low quality pages first, then with the help of Google Analytics.

2. The pages having very thin content or little text with no images or video in them, just NOINDEX them.

3. Then in your convenient time, add content to the thin pages, add keyword rich, keyword targeted specific content & make them thicker. Add images videos other good rich media whenever possible.

4. After adding good content to them, change robots meta information for every web page you modified to INDEX, FOLLOW.

Google also don’t recomnend to remove poor quality content or deletion of web pages. Better use noindex.

Our old article on Google Panda published in 2012. The following article was published here on Google Panda algortihm update on 4th August 2012

Google Panda algorithm update 3.9 on Jul 24, 2012

Google Pushing Out Panda algorithm Update 3.9 on Jul 24, 2012.
The earlier update, 3.8, occurred just about a month ago — on June 25th.

Now the question is, How to identify that you are hit by Google panda and repair your ranking ?

Panda is concerning with bad content, not bad/ Low quality links. To save your website, Focus On Unique fresh good quality content.

As we recognize that Google Panda update blacklisted those websites who creates duplicate content by stealing other’s articles. Now really we must have to focus on creating unique content for every website.

Try to understand that your website visitors are interested on the topic of your website and make sure that, what do you offer to your readers are unique and genuine.

Don’t duplicate or retype out the article from other site, however expertise your article out with your own issue and judgment.

Fixing Panda is not difficult, but it requires a lot of onpage work.

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