SEO Keyword Analysis

SEO Keyword Analysis
Keywords Analysis SEO

Why Keyword Analysis & Research Matters for SEO : Keyword selection can be considered as the first step of optimizing your website. You need to choose good  keywords , specially target such keywords on which you can get ranks. You need to understand on which keywords you can compete with others in the Google 1st page, specially with big websites.

Why keyword research is necessary

Every business owner has a site, facebook page, Google+ page & where he (or she) sells some products or services, or consultation, digital products. So to rank his site in Google or other search engines he has to think what the visitors can type in Google/bing to get his site.

So when you are thinking about the keywords, 3 cases may arise-

    • Case 1: Nobody searches your search terms.
    • Caes 2 : Very High Competition Keyword
    • Case 3: Targeting keywords which millions target

Keyword Analysis service of RiG SEO

Get the list of keywords related to your website , business, local business. We provide complete list of keywords with probability to rank in top search engines. For more information contact with RiG SEO Service customer care.

    1. Potential keywords for your business
    2. The best keywords from your website
    3. Keywords your competitors are using
    4. All possible keyword variations
    5. We use some keyword tools to finalize the best keyword selection for your business.

What we recommend on selecting the keywords : if your site is less than 1 year old

    • Choose more descriptive keywords instead of generic keyword, e.g Sony Camcorder Cx190, Sony camcorder with projector
    • Target about 10 keywords for Google first page ranks by picking up any of our Schemes.
    • Follow our consultant’s time to time suggestions, seo is not such a thing that you pay and you will get result. We also need your help to optimize your website.

What we recommend : if your site is more than 1 year old & have good reputation to Google

    • Choose around 20 to 40 keywords for your SEO Campaign.
    • Target a chunk of keywords and get first page ranks on them.
    • Pick up any of the following bulk seo packages.

Keyword Competition must be considered before starting SEO.

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