DIY SEO: how to do seo yourself

About SEO or search engine optimizationРGet free regular visitors to your website is a dream for every website owners. SEO  is the process to get traffic to your website by search engine ranking. When somebody will search your site related keywords then your site should pop up in Google Yahoo bing & the process to get it is called seo.

1) Paid search engine listing :

Most of the search engines provide this service and beside normal search results paid listing are shown in the top position or side bar or at the bottom. When you search something in Google bing or Yahoo!

2) Organic search engine listing:

This is the most tough part to get good ranking in search engines like bing Yahoo! and Google. You need to get good content in your sites pages & you must follow the basic rules of seo.

How to start SEO, I am a newbie ?

  • First think about the search terms which people may search about you.
  • You can take the help of Google keyword research tool. And this tool is free and you can hire somebody for it to get 50/100 keywords listing.
  • Do not get trapped into and Google #1 ranking guaranteed type scheme. This is impossible to provide any kind of search engine ranking guarantee.
  • Then change the pages content and follow the on page search engine optimization guidelines.
  • Then comes the link building part and most tough part of seo, I don’t want to disclose more in this post about link building techniques here. Its much better not to build bad links pointing to your website. If you cannot build links then leave it. Bad links are harmful.

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