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Here I have listed few tips to get SEO top 10 ranking in Google bing. But you need to understand some basic about seo ranking. Also you shall find a YouTube video here on “how to get top ranking in Google”.

In this article I have compiled

SEO tips to get top ranking in Google

A. Know about search engine crawlers, Google bot

Every search engines has some automated programs called BOT by which they visit your website automatically & periodically once or more in a week & ranks websites w.r.t some keywords or search phrases. How many times a BOT will visit your site mainly depends on website’s reputation.

B. Good content in 2016 is a must

After Google Panda updates in January 2016, content matters most. Good content was always a factor, but now it’s a must. So build up good informative pages inside your site. You should avoid thin webpages with little content. Read this article, a guide on Google Panda recovery.

Google Panda has become a core Google ranking signal since January 2016. Thin content pages should be avoided in website and should be noindexed.

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C. Build Penguin safe natural link profile

Prior April 2012 Penguin update, you could think of getting any links, but now think twice before getting any links irrespective of dofollow or nofollow incoming links. Poor quality sites pointing to you can degrade your ranking. So be careful, natural linking is a complex topic for the newbies.

4. Achieve domain & page authority

Make your website into a authority website so that Google thinks that your website is an important website in your niche. But making a website into a authority website is much difficult, you need strong web presence, need to make branding, need to get links from other related authority websites.

5. Keep Patience – wait for good ranking

There is no magic in seo process to get ranks overnight, so when you are thinking that you have followed all search engine optimization related jobs & Google SEO guidelines , you need to be little patient and it can take 1 or 2 months or more to achieve good ranking. DIY SEO could be helpful for you.

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6. Keep yourself updated

Keep yourself updated about Google algorithm updates, new new Google ranking factors & follow the latest Google SEO guidelines to prevent losing ranks with time.

YouTube video – how to improve Google ranking

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SEO Guidelines in 2013

The following SEO tips was written in 2013 and was published in RiGSEO Blog. The following section was also valid in 2013.

First thing you should keep in mind – donot try to cheat the search engines, they are smart enough to track the tricks you do programmatically or non-programmatically.

To build up a site just keep an eye on the following

  • Choose a good hosting, which is reliable fast.
  • Choose a good CMS like WordPress Joomla etc in PHP Platforms. If you choose other platforms then choose some other good CMS (content management systems)
  • Build up good content in the inner pages.
  • Good content means unique non-duplicate having 200 or more words in the pages. Now specially Google is searching for good content.
  • Use Google Analytics and Google Webmasters Tools (GWT) to keep an eye on the visitors – how long they stay in your website.
  • User’s experience is a factor now, Google uses user-statistics coming from the above tools to gather an idea on a website.

Now try to avoid the following –

Duplicate Content –Never use the contents from other sites to build up quickly. It can ruin your seo venture.

Keyword Stuffing : Never stuff keywords in the pages, they will eventually degrade your ranking.

Donot use same anchor text in the links– In past this was not at all bad. But now Google is emphasizing on building links naturally. So you can use anchor texts on 20% of total links.

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Use META Description in the pages : Many people thinks this is not at all required for seo, but eventually it shown good results in the search engines. To follow the best practices always try to use relevant good descriptive META in the page. Believe me it will do good for you and wont harm your ranking.

Use versatile link profile : Make sure you get links from versatile type of websites, like blogs, forums, normal websites, humm some comments, profile pages, local business page profiles, social media platform etc. And dont forget what I have mentioned as anchor text.

Try to go for the multi-channels marketing and don’t depend solely on Google- This is a very important part of this article. Many businesses crashed because their business models were fully dependent on Google top 10 ranking. You must keep in mind that Google Yahoo bing are doing business, they can change their business policy anytime without notice, and if you become too inclined on them it is highly risky for your business.

So always use the following marketing channels-

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Hi5
  • Youtube

Not only seo you can good business by these channels. So my strong suggestion is donot depend on Google, and donot ignore Yahoo bing on the marketing factors.

You can read this page for further information on seo in 2013.

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Hire seo to get Google top ranking

Implementing the steps for seo is very hard for the non technical persons, professional approach and huge knowledge base is required to provide good ranking. So we (RiG SEO) are here to simplify your hard job, click this link to know about seo consultancy service.

  • Just pick up few search phrases.
  • These keywords related to your business. e.g NewYork attorneys
  • If you are confused to select proper keywords Contact us.
  • You can choose any of our Google SEO cost packages.

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