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Back Link building has become very critical since April 2012 when Google Penguin was introduced by Google & affected millions of websites’ ranking, & with the new new updates of Google Penguin link building became a nightmare to the SEOs, & because of Penguin many webmasters stopped linking to external sites as well as they became very reluctant to getting links from others. now Google Penguin is more stringent & always watching your backlink profile. This article is a How to guide to survive Google Penguin update.

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Link building has been always considered as a major part of SEO, though many website optimizers and webmasters has the mis-conception that it is the only part required for seo, but that’s not true. But now you can assume around 40-50% of total seo ranking parameter depends on link building, till date.

Google Penguin Recovery Guide & recovery service
Google Penguin Recovery guide by

The old concept to backlinks upto 2011 December

  • Get links from everywhere.
  • Use repetitive keyword stuffed anchor text.
  • Getting Non-topic back links are fine, they don’t harm your ranking.
  • One-way links to your website cannot ruin ranking. So just get as many links as possible.

How to build links after Penguin update

  • One way links can ruin ranking.
  • Same anchor text in too much links can arise flag to Google and penalizing factor.
  • Manipulative linking is bad.
  • Purchasing links will ruin your ranking if Google can trace it.
  • Links should be naturally built.
  • And after all Google WARNs webmasters not to build links for ranking only..

So what a mess, and for this reason lots of small businesses has given up seo and started paid ventures. But still links are a ranking factor to Google.

So you need to build links which is Google Penguin compliant and will not ruin your search engine ranking. So instead of getting lots of off topic backlinks try to get on-topic related quality links. And here we are to do your job manually.

The following section was written in April 29, 2013 and was published in this URL

Back Link Profile building Video guide

The seo has become a mess after Google penguin update and later releases of this algorithm. It is still under improvement and so link building became much more tougher for the search engine experts. Here we have built a video describing the strategy of link building which conforms to Penguin updates and later releases. This is basically a Youtube video.

Mr Choudhury has made a demonstration on link building strategy in this video, and to reduce the size of the video we have uploaded a low resolution version of this video.

About this video:

Duration: 4 minutes
Voice and demonstration by : Mr. Choudhury

Note : The latest Google Penguin update has been released (Google Penguin 2.0) on 22-May-2013 and get the penguin 2.0 penalty recovery tips.

Penguin Safe Link Building Strategy since 2013 & reconsideration request

  • Build your website contents unique, check whether it is not stolen from other websites/ articles. Also check nobody has stolen your website content and scrapped it in other website.
  • Check the internal link structure inside your website
    1. Check your site’s internal link anchor text structure. Don’t use same anchor text in different pages too many times. I am not telling about navigation menu or footer menus.
    2. Remove too much internal linking to major page.
    3. Avoid same repetitive anchor text in your website, this is a major factor for Google Penguin penalty.
    4. Check whether your link anchor text percentages are natural or not. Try to use link text as Click here, visit this page, this link etc
  • Always create page content for human visitors, not for Search Engines; make it for your website visitors, by which they will get good information about your business or services you provide.
  • Try to remove incoming links which Google might consider as spam links. Remove low quality backlinks from off-topic sites.
  • Avoid participating in any shady link building schemes.
  • Avoid using low quality link directories, say 2000 directories. No need to do it now.
  • Try to delete Dead Links — Even if they are not troubling you with Penguin, but dead links are not useful to your visitors.
  • Besides these, be sure that your website’s robots.txt, XML sitemaps, search engine webmaster registrations, etc. are up-to-date.
  • Try to get high quality Links, thematic links pointing to Your Site.
  • Get links from relevant websites on your niche. This is a very important factor. It will be best if you can get some good links from authority websites on your niche.
  • To rank well you need to establish your website into a authority website in your niche. Now good authoritative websites are ranking well in Google
  • At last, file a reconsideration request to Google.

The following section was written in 6th June 2012, after the release of first Penguin Update and released here

How to recover from Google Penguin ?

Most of the website owners screamed after Google Penguin update started in April 2013 like this – I am hit by Google Penguin Update, my site is penalized by Google, I want to regain ranks. How shall I do it?

So first thing is to know about Google Penguin – Penguin update is mainly a webspam filter, to be more specific a webspam filter that sits on the core algorithm and lastly updated in October 2013 as mentioned here and it was designed to remove websites from the organic search results which has taken manipulative processes for link building or seo ranking.

So in a nutshell now you have to look for your incoming links. You need to monitor each and every links pointing to your website, and the anchor text placed in the links. If you find out some bad links pointing to your website you need to report it to Google by using a tool of Google called Disavow tool.

Step 1: Change the anchor text in each link if possible, use at least 50% links pointing to your site using brand name, domain name, URL, click here.

** There is a good way to use innumerable number of anchor text related to target keyword, but we only use it for the seo clients of RiG SEO Service, ( Not disclosing here that details.

Step2: Use related target search terms in the vicinity of the links.

Step 3: Get links from versatile sources e.g Facebook, Twitter, Forums, WordPress Blogs, News sites. Use concept of Link Wheel

There are a number of ways that small businesses can climb the search listings ladder, according to Bailey. First and foremost, businesses must be sure to re-strategist their SEO strategy around quality content.

“Businesses need to get rid of the philosophy that they need to get as many links and as much content out as there as they can,” Bailey said. “They need to look at a public relations strategy and try to produce quality content by pitching news outlets, doing press releases and guest blogging. The other options are social media campaigns and other multichannel options such as referrals and using CPM advertising.”

Virk recommends businesses stay on top of new changes in SEO by following industry publications. Virk also said that small businesses can stay ahead of the game by focusing on link building, even though it is a time-consuming process for many businesses.

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