YouTube Videos optimization for Google ranking

How to video SEO to achieve top Google first page top ranking for your YouTube videos. The YouTube video SEO optimization techniques to rank your YouTube videos in Google search top placement. A guide by

How to optimize the videos (or how to SEO for videos) uploaded in YouTube or any other video sharing website. How your videos can achieve top Google search ranking, YouTube ranking by Video SEO techniques. Continue reading “YouTube Videos optimization for Google ranking”

Get Google top 10 ranking for your site

How to place your website in Google top 10 ranking? The “Google SEO guidelines” to achieve #1 first page ranking in Google organic seo search result in 2016 describe below…..

Here I have listed few tips to get SEO top 10 ranking in Google bing. But you need to understand some basic about seo ranking. Also you shall find a YouTube video here on “how to get top ranking in Google”. Continue reading “Get Google top 10 ranking for your site”

Mobile Search Ranking (SEO)

Mobile seo ranking factors explained here. How to search rank on mobile devices and smart phone, android and iphones. Why mobile seo ranking is more important than desktop search ranks. Visit

In May 2015, Google Inc confirmed that “more Google searches taking place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” Then, earlier October 2015, Google noted that mobile searches now exceed desktop searches worldwide. Here I have discussed the how the mobile ranking can bring more hits to your listing & why its is much effective than desktop search results. Continue reading “Mobile Search Ranking (SEO)”

How to keep visitors longer in your website

How to reduce the bounce rate of your website? Are you suffering by early leaving by the visitors of your website? Then this article may provide you proper information how to reduce bounce rate of your website.

This article has been targeted for webmasters, site owners using Google Analytics and facing high bounce rate in the Google Analytics report, found the fact that visitors are leaving their websites early just after entering the home page, or entrance page & only stayed for few seconds…what to do to retain them longer in your website? Continue reading “How to keep visitors longer in your website”

SEO Keyword Analysis

Why keyword analysis is important in seo & website optimization. A guide here by RiG SEO Service. We also provide MS Excel list of good keywords for businesses.

SEO Keyword Analysis
Keywords Analysis SEO

Why Keyword Analysis & Research Matters for SEO : Keyword selection can be considered as the first step of optimizing your website. You need to choose good  keywords , specially target such keywords on which you can get ranks. You need to understand on which keywords you can compete with others in the Google 1st page, specially with big websites. Continue reading “SEO Keyword Analysis”

Why SEO is important & what seo is

In a nutshell seo or search engine optimisation is a process to make your website search engine friendly so that the information in your website can be retrieved by the search engines easily, and seo is a process to make them (Google bing Yahoo!) consider your website as an important site on some niche, so when somebody make a search on that niche in the search engines, they will show your site in search results. Here seo is in the same way important for desktop, mobile devices. Continue reading “Why SEO is important & what seo is”

DIY SEO: how to do seo yourself

About SEO or search engine optimization– Get free regular visitors to your website is a dream for every website owners. SEO  is the process to get traffic to your website by search engine ranking. When somebody will search your site related keywords then your site should pop up in Google Yahoo bing & the process to get it is called seo.
Continue reading “DIY SEO: how to do seo yourself”