Build your website using CMS (PHP)

Content Management Systems customization

Web Content Management Systems are often used to build wesites powered by server side scripting language PHP ASP.Net JSP etc. These cms are pre-built but you can customize these systems according to your various requirements.

What types of CMS you can use to build websites

Practically you can build a website very fast using CMS. But if you want to build sites with very few pages e.g 10 pages, then you can build your websites in PHP or instead of using cms.

There are lots of content management systems in built in different server side scripting languages. Most of these CMS are built by some community or company. Here we have listed free cms on which we works. Some popular PHP based CMS are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Megento, Opencart, Zencart.

These CMS are made to meet specific purposes. There exists lot more and probably thousands of free cms packages in PHP. You can build any type of websites in WordPress cms. Also we prefer to work on Joomla too.

When you should choose an CMS

If you are planning to build a website with thousands of pages, a blog, an ecommerce site with hundreds of products then you can select a cms to build your website.

Normally big publishing houses, articles and blogs choose to build their own platform using any existing cms. Normally they choose between WordPress Joomla Drupal Magento etc.

Features & advantages of using a CMS

  • Users and their content management roles. Users with different types of Capability, e.g admin, moderator etc.
  • Maintain content in categories, sections.
  • Search Engine Friendly URL creation.
  • Feed creation for the content.
  • Content to be separated to some extent from its layout.

Can you build websites without using CMS?

Yes, you can. It is totally your choice whether you shall use a CMS to build your website or not.. You can use a dynamic site with forms, email system using PHP MySQL directly.. visit this webpage on PHP MySQL web development services of WDH (Web Designers House).

There are so many PHP MySQL based open source content management systems CMS packages available in Web market for CMS based website development using MySQL as database and PHP as the server side programming language.

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